Lesson 1 - Whole numbers

13/08/2013 01:25

Dear Parents,

Many of us are stuck in the era where learning Math is through memorizing formulae and conventions. Did we have a choice back then? No!Yes...we did it the tough way and somehow managed but have you wondered what happened to the rest of us who can't seem to understand Math that way? Those memorizing and conventions are deemed unsuitable for most of our children now.

Let's Math be fun! Let children have that great learning experience behind those numbers...

It is important to let children learn other things like spotting patterns, sorting in a task rather than drilling them with worksheets...

"You cannot imagine well what you have experience"

Learning Math can be interesting. It can be done through through stories, paintings, posters or movies.

Here is one example on how we can teach "Whole Numbers Using Stories"...


Children learns better through Concrete, Pictorial and Astract approach (CPA)

Concrete:    Using visuals and manipulatives like counters, unifix cubes allows children to explore and discover Math problems. Children who are kinesthetic learners would find this useful as they use their hands to work on the product.

Pictorial:    Visualisation is the mind's version to see. Children apply their prior knowledge (what they have learnt and seen) in solving Math.

Abstract:    Once children  has sufficient concrete and pictorial experience, they will then be able to challenge themselves to solve the problem.